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Notaries for Alabama

Founded in 2013, Notaries for Alabama's mission and goals include:

  • Offer training classes, continuing education, and mentoring.
  • Act as the leading voice of notaries throughout the state.
  • Encourage its members to participate in community events.
  • Promote community awareness of the important role notaries fulfill.

Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, the group hosts events throughout the state.


We are an active group of dedicated notaries. Notaries for Alabama sponsors:

  • Notary Basics:  Training for Alabama's Notaries.
  • Notaries for Alabama Hangout.  A Facebook Group for notaries.
  • National Notary Public Day Event - November 7th. 
  • Notary Networking Meetings

Our mailing address is:

6275 University Drive NW

Suite 37, Box 125

Huntsville, Alabama 35806

Notary FAQ's

How Do I Become A Notary?

There are 60+ counties in Alabama and each one has its own requirements.  You should call the Probate Judge for your county, or go to his/her website to find out the requirements.  However, most counties require that you be a resident of the county and a registered voter.

You will need to complete an Application; purchase a Notary Bond; and pay an application fee.  The application fee varies per county.  The cost for the bond should be approx. $50.

What's A Bond?

Every Notary Public must purchase a Surety Bond, in the amount of $25,000 in order to receive a commission.  The Notary Bond is like a tangible promise you make to the residents of Alabama, that you will fulfill the duties and obligations of a notary, in accordance with state law.  

You can purchase a Notary Surety Bond from an insurance agent, or you can purchase one from the  The Bond Lady.

How Long Is A Commission?

As long a you remain an Alabama Resident, and satisfy any other requirements or stipulations outlined by your county, your commission will be effective for four (4) years. At the end of that time period, you can renew the commission with a new application, bond, and renewal fee.

If you relocate to another county, you should notify your Judge of Probate.  If you leave the State of Alabama you should also notify your Judge of Probate and discontinue notarizing signatures.


You are required to purchase a Notary Seal/Stamp.  You can purchase an embosser (raised seal) or an ink stamp. Both are acceptable and it really does come down to personal choice.   Notaries for Alabama recommends that you also purchase a Notary Journal. Please note that Alabama does not require its notaries to use a journal; however, it is a notary best practice.

If you're wondering where you should purchase your notary supplies, look no further. Alabama Notary Warehouse has offers quality supplies at a discount for our members and friends.  Just click on the link above, or here.  There are no special codes to enter.

Is There a Notary Handbook?

No.  Effective January 1, 2012, Alabama's Notary Law was revised by SB 54.  A copy of the new law can be found here on this website (scroll down to "Documents").  It can also be found on the Secretary of State website.

How Much Can Notaries Charge?

Effective January 1, 2012, the Notary Fee increased to $5 per notarial act.

Notary FAQ's

How Do I Get Trained?

Generally speaking, Alabama does not require its notaries to undergo training.  However, we did hear that there may be a few counties who quiz or test notaries.  Nonetheless, notaries are expected to notarize signatures accurately, and in accordance to the state's laws.  We recommend training for every commissioned notary.  Notary Basics is the best option, in our opinion, because it covers Alabama notary laws.

How Do I Locate My Judge of Probate?

You can use Google, or find a list on the Secretary of State website.  Here's a link to a complete list, with contact information.

Judges of Probate.

Most Judges of Probate have an office at the County Courthouse.

What Role Does the Secretary of State Play?

The Secretary of State plays a key role in making information available to Alabama's Notaries.  A complete list of notaries can be found here.  This is how the general public verifies that you hold an active notary commission.

The Secretary of State is usually consulted when legislators consider making changes to notary laws.

Who Do I Call With Questions?

It depends. If you have questions about your notary commission, contact your Judge of Probate. Any other questions can be directed to the Secretary of State; or you can call us.

What's A Traveling Notary?

A traveling notary is someone who holds an active commission and agrees to drive to the person who needs their signature notarized.  It may be the signer's residence, hospital room, business or coffee shop.  In these situations, the notary will charge an additional fee for  travel.  Traveling Notaries are not employed by Notaries for Alabama. They pay us a nominal fee to be listed to help pay for the cost of this website.  If you are interested in being listed, contact our office.

Is There A Local Notary Association?

To our knowledge, Notaries for Alabama is the only local notary group.  There are a several nationally recognized notary organizations.

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