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Notaries for Alabama, the state's only support group for notaries, provides guidance, education, products and services related to fulfilling the important role.


Don't be fooled.  Notaries for Alabama's  scope of influence isn't limited to only helping notaries.  We enjoy being an important resource to the residents and businesses  who require notary services, or have questions about the notarization process.

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How Do i become a notary public in alabama?

How Do I Become A Notary?

How Do I Become A Notary?

How Do I Become A Notary?


There are 67 counties in Alabama and each one has its own requirements.   Some counties require that you complete an application form; others do not. Some counties require personal references.  Some counties will process your request on a walk-in basis; other counties require  2-3 weeks for processing.  

Notaries for Alabama can help you sort out the details by answering your questions or putting you in touch with your Office of Probate.   If you provide us with the name of the county you reside in, we can email you the information we have on file detailing your county's requirements and fees.

We also offer:

  1. On-Demand Zoom Webinar, "Getting Started as an Alabama Notary".
  2. Live Zoom Meeting "Getting Started as an Alabama Notary".  

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What's A Bond?

How Do I Become A Notary?

How Do I Become A Notary?


Every Notary Public must purchase a Surety Bond, in the amount of $25,000 in order to receive a commission.  The Notary Bond is like a tangible promise you make to the residents of Alabama, that you will fulfill the duties and obligations of a notary, in accordance with state law.  

You can purchase a Notary Surety Bond from an insurance agent, or you can purchase one here:

Michelle L. Riley

Independent Insurance Agent

Alabama License #0567331

Phone:  (256) 503-6595

How Long Is A Commission?

How Do I Become A Notary?

How Long Is A Commission?


As long a you remain an Alabama Resident, and satisfy any other requirements or stipulations outlined by your county, your commission will be effective for four (4) years. At the end of that time period, you can renew the commission with a new application, bond, and renewal fee.

If you relocate to another county, you should notify your Judge of Probate.  If you leave the State of Alabama you should also notify your Judge of Probate and discontinue notarizing signatures.

What Supplies do I Need?

Is There a Notary Handbook?

How Long Is A Commission?


You are required to purchase an embosser or stamp with the official Notary Seal.  Wait until after your commission has been approved before ordering supplies.

You can purchase an embosser (raised seal) or an ink stamp. Both are acceptable and it really does come down to personal choice.   Notaries for Alabama recommends that you also purchase a Notary Journal. Please note that Alabama does not require its notaries to use a journal; however, it is a notary best practice.

If you're wondering where you should purchase your notary supplies, look no further. Alabama Notary Warehouse offers quality supplies at a discount.  Just click on the link below.  Notaries for Alabama has an affiliate agreement with Alabama Notary Warehouse, and receives a commission from some of the items sold.


Is There a Notary Handbook?

Is There a Notary Handbook?

Is There a Notary Handbook?


Yes!  In 2019, the Alabama Secretary of State office compiled a handbook. A copy of the handbook is listed below with other Important Notary Documents. 

Effective January 1, 2012, Alabama's Notary Law was revised by SB 54.  A copy of the new law can be found here on this website (scroll down to "Documents").  It can also be found on the Secretary of State website.

Notaries for Alabama put together an informative brochure, "Getting Started as a Notary Public in Alabama".  The brochure outlines ten steps to follow in order to obtain a notary commission.  You can request a free copy by filling out the Contact Us page below, or sending us an email.

Also, in 2019, Notaries for Alabama created "Let's Get You Trained," a brochure that outlines the various types of notary training available to Alabama notaries You can request a free copy by filling out the Contact Us page below, or sending us an email. 

What's the Notary Fee?

Is There a Notary Handbook?

Is There a Notary Handbook?


Effective January 1, 2012, the State of Alabama increased the Notary Fee  to $5 per notarial act.

An Alabama Notary Public is able to charge $5 for each signature acknowledged (notarized), and for each act performed. 

Notaries who drive to meet with you can charge an additional fee or fees to compensate them for the expense of travel.  Alabama does not set limits on what a notary can charge for travel.

Order supplies from alabama.Notarywarehouse.com

notary training and faq's

How Do I Get Trained?

What Role Does the Secretary of State Play?

How Do I Locate My Judge of Probate?

Generally speaking, Alabama does not require its notaries to undergo training.  However, we did hear that there may be a few counties who quiz or test notaries.  Nonetheless, notaries are expected to notarize signatures accurately, and in accordance to the state's laws.  We recommend training for every commissioned notary.  Notary Basics is the best option, in our opinion, because it covers Alabama notary laws.

In 2019, Notaries for Alabama put together an informative flyer, "Now That You're Commissioned...Let's Get You Trained!"  It outlines four (4) types of notary training classes that are available to Alabama Notaries.  You can request a free copy by filling out the Contact Us page below, or sending us an email.  Be sure to mention which county you reside in.

How Do I Locate My Judge of Probate?

What Role Does the Secretary of State Play?

How Do I Locate My Judge of Probate?

You can use Google, or find a list on the Secretary of State website.  Here's a link to a complete list, with contact information.

Judges of Probate.

Most Judges of Probate have an office at the County Courthouse.

What Role Does the Secretary of State Play?

What Role Does the Secretary of State Play?

What Role Does the Secretary of State Play?

The Secretary of State plays a key role in making information available to Alabama's Notaries.  A complete list of notaries can be found here.  This is how the general public verifies that you hold an active notary commission.

Who Do I Call With Questions?

Is there a local Notary Association?

What Role Does the Secretary of State Play?

It depends. We're here to answer a variety of questions that you have but we aren't attorneys so we are unable to offer any legal advice.  We are not government officials so we don't have any official authority.  That being said, we will do our best answer your questions or direct you to someone else who can.

If you have questions about your notary commission, contact your Judge of Probate. If someone is threatening legal action against you because of a notarization you completed, contact an attorney or, if you have E&O insurance, notify the insurance company immediately. Any other questions can be directed to the Secretary of State; or you can call us.

What's a Traveling Notary?

Is there a local Notary Association?

Is there a local Notary Association?

A traveling notary is someone who holds an active commission and agrees to drive to the person who needs their signature notarized.  It may be the signer's residence, hospital room, business or coffee shop.  In these situations, the notary will charge an additional fee for  travel.  Traveling Notaries are not employed by Notaries for Alabama. They pay us a nominal fee to be listed to help pay for the cost of this website.  If you are interested in being listed, contact our office.

Is there a local Notary Association?

Is there a local Notary Association?

Is there a local Notary Association?

To our knowledge, Notaries for Alabama is the only local notary group.  There are a several national notary organizations.  The National Notary Association (NNA) is the largest.

Professional notaries at your service - central alabama


John R. Dempsey, III (205) 565-8057

Ed Harris (205) 305-2920

Ed Harris (205) 305-2920

Serving Birminghall of Jefferson County, AL.         John will drive to your location to conduct the notarization. Availability: 7 days a week, BY APPOINTMENT.  You can also reach him at service@afterworknotarytogo.com and www.afterworknotarytogo.com


Ed Harris (205) 305-2920

Ed Harris (205) 305-2920

Ed Harris (205) 305-2920

Serving all of Jefferson, Shelby and St. Clair Counties, Alabama.

Avast Realty Birmingham




Avail Management Services, LLC 205.462.7997

Ed Harris (205) 305-2920

Avail Management Services, LLC 205.462.7997

Serving Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Mobile Notary Services BY APPOINTMENT.



professional notaries at your service in north alabama


Greg Spruell 256.759.2871

Greg Spruell 256.759.2871

Greg Spruell 256.759.2871

Serving all of Madison County, Alabama and cities within. Greg will meet you at a convenient location. Availability: 7 days a week BY APPOINTMENT.  You can also reach Greg at MobileNotaryHSV@Gmail.com and www.MobileNotaryHSV.com


Michelle Riley 256.503.6595

Greg Spruell 256.759.2871

Greg Spruell 256.759.2871

Serving Huntsville and Madison County since 2006. You can meet Michelle at her Huntsville office BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, or request that she drive to your location for an additional fee.


Listing Available

Greg Spruell 256.759.2871

Listing Available

Give customers a reason to do business with you.

To claim this space, send an email to Michelle@NotariesforAlabama.com

remote notarization - state of alabama

Important Information for Alabama Notaries!

Effective Friday, April 3, 2020, a Proclamation issued by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, allows Alabama Notaries to conduct notarizations remotely.  This action taken by Governor Ivey makes it safer for everyone when conducting notarizations during the COVID-19 Pandemic, especially with "social distancing" requirements.

What is remote notarization?

A remote notarization is when the document signer is in one location and the notary is in an entirely different location.  The two (or more) individuals are connected by video and audio conference technology where they can see and hear each other.  The Proclamation requires that the notary record the transaction.

Remote notarization sounds complicated.  Exactly how would this work?

It may help you to read a the Governor's exact words. A copy of the Proclamation can be found on this website, below, under "Important Documents for Notaries".   To help you visualize how this transaction could take place, here's one example:

  • Frank has a form that needs to be notarized but wants to adhere to current social distancing requirements.  Frank searches for an Alabama remote notary and schedules an appointment.  While scheduling the appointment the remote notary will ask Frank questions about the document and might request that he electronically provide her with a copy of the form and a copy of his ID.
  • The remote notary emails/texts a link to the Frank.  At the agreed-upon date/time, Frank clicks the link and is connected to the remote notary.  Frank can see and hear the notary on her computer.  The notary can see and hear Frank on her computer.

  • After verifying Frank's identity, the notary would instruct Frank to sign the document while the notary watches through her computer. At this point, Frank could send the form to the notary.  If original signatures are required (Frank's and the notary's) then he will have to send it to the notary by mail. If original signatures are not required, Frank could upload the signed document to a secure site; or send it to the notary via fax or email.

  • When the remote notary receives the signed document from Frank, she will sign and date the document, and apply her official notary seal/stamp.  She will then return the notarized form to Frank, or forward it to a designated party.

As you can see, the entire notarization could take anywhere from thirty minutes to several days.  There are also a number of variables that could affect cost. The Notary Fee is still $5 per notarial act; however, some notaries may find it necessary to charge an administrative fee to cover additional costs such as video conference equipment, storage of recordings, postage, etc.

Since the notarization could take longer than one day to complete, what would be official notarization date?

According to Governor Ivey's Proclamation, the effective date of the notarization would be the date and time the notary witnesses the signature during the video conference session.

If you have additional questions about remote notarization, send us an email or complete the contact us form below.


Founder & Owner

Michelle L. Riley

Michelle has been the driving force behind Notaries for Alabama since 2013.  In 2014, the National Notary Association (NNA) recognized Michelle for her work in Alabama by naming her one of their Notary of Year Honorees. She has been a frequent presenter at the NNA's Annual Conferences since 2015.  In addition to to being the Trainer of Notary Basics, she speaks throughout the State of Alabama at various conferences where there is an interest in the role and responsibilities of notaries public.

Would you like Michelle to speak to members of your organization about being a Notary Public? Email Notaries4Alabama@Gmail.com.    


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Governor ivey's proclamation for Notaries for alabama

Beginning April 3, 2020, commissioned notaries in Alabama are able to use video conference technology to conduct remote notarizations. Listen as  Michelle Riley, Founder of Notaries for Alabama, and 20+ commissioned notaries discuss how they might go implement these changes.

5 Steps to checking ID

Helpful tips for Notaries from the National Notary Association.

Take Extra Care When performing high-risk notarizations

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Probate Court: What is it?

Probate Court handles a lot of different things. Here's the short list:


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